How content management systems are changing web design.

Content Management systems, or CMSs, are tools that allow one to easily publish and edit websites.  CMSs are often used when there is a need for content to be regularly updated.  A content management system has two parts, a content management application and a content delivery application.  The content management application, or CMA, which allows for nearly anyone to create, edit, and remove content without needing the services of a Webmaster. The CMA also eliminates the need to have a deep knowledge of HTML.  The content delivery application, or CDA, is used to update the information of the site (1).

A program like Adobe Dreamweaver is a HTML editor.  Building websites with Dreamweaver can be very costly and time consuming.  Sites need to be updated and updating with Dreamweaver is harder than updating using a CMS.  Dreamweaver will create the code for the user but for it to be more effective it is best if the user also has a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some other mark up languages.  A CMS allows for customization of it’s features which in turn allows the user to update their site quickly and more cost effectively (2).

CMS have become very popular, but could they be leading us into a new type of management system?  Design management systems may be the next big thing in web design.  A design management system, or DMS, is like a combination of a CMS and a WYSIWYG tool.  PageLines has developed a modular system called PageLines DMS.  PageLines DMS is designed to have all your web design needs in one place without the need for multiple apps.   PageLines DMS has a store that offers nearly everything one could want to design a website.  It’s also completely open source, so if one prefers coding themselves or would like to make changes to any area of the code then they are free to do so.  This can also mean coding your own features if one can’t be found in the store that suites the developers needs (3).  CMSs have changed web design and are already leading us into even newer design tools.  Without CMSs the idea for a DMS may not have come about.



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